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Houston Seminar  

     Healthcare Real Estate

Healthcare is changing in ways that were unimaginable at the beginning of the 21st century. Competition, consolidation, and a changing economic model are forcing health systems to rethink what a hospital campus in the future will look like, and exactly where outpatient facilities will locate.

Transforming Today’s Hospital into Tomorrow’s Healthcare System
Changing economics are compelling hospitals to rethink what the hospital campus in the future will look like and how it will operate as part of a larger healthcare network. As part of this new strategy, some hospitals campus will get bigger, others smaller; some will add services, and others specialize. A few will become something else. The only given is that they will not operate as they do today.

Reimagining Outpatient Care Facilities for the Future
The growing importance of providing outpatient care in an off-campus setting demands new types of healthcare facilities. What should the next generation outpatient facilities look like? This session combines the best of the TED format and traditional poster session to give attendees the latest research and innovative solutions.

Healthcare Real Estate Market – Regional vs. National Trends
This session will offer the latest research and analysis on what’s currently happening in the healthcare real estate market and where healthcare systems and investors can profit.

Demographics of Healthcare: Tools for Assessing Real Estate Options
Historically, healthcare organizations have used the build it and they will come approach to real estate. Now healthcare providers must market their brand, assess their competitors, find convenient locations, and make money by providing the right mix of healthcare services to a given geographic area. This new healthcare delivery model is pushing both healthcare providers and real estate investors to seek out off-campus locations for new projects. At the same time, investors need to assess if an existing medical office building will remain competitive in this new environment or if it's past its financial peak. See how the latest developments in the science of demographics, GIS, and “Big Data” can uncover the answers you need.

Negotiating Healthcare Leases: How Owners & Healthcare Providers Can Avoid Costly Errors

  • Avoiding hidden regulatory pitfalls & complying with increased government oversight

  • Creating flexibility, evaluating your options, & negotiating a better deal

  • Challenges in building tenant improvements in healthcare facilities

  • Hot issues in leasing outpatient care facilities in retail & office buildings

Who Should Attend

  • Health Systems (whether owner or tenant): Real estate and facilities professionals, strategic planners, in-house architects

  • Design/Build: Architects, designers, engineers, and contractors

  • Real Estate: Developers, investors, REITs, lenders, real estate brokers, accountants, lawyers, consultants, appraisers, title insurance companies, property and casualty insurers, valuation specialists

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