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Glenn Fischer



  Understanding Regulatory Issues in Leasing Medical Office Buildings & Healthcare Facilities
  A stunning number of regulatory and patient safety issues come into play when leasing healthcare facilities — far more than traditional retail or office space. 70+ pages
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  Leasing  Commercial Office & Medical Space
  327 Questions to Ask Before You Sign a Lease

The perfect insurance policy. An easy to use tool to uncover potential lease land mines before they explode. Use it when negotiating new leases or while reviewing existing ones. These 327 yes or no questions cover the 65 topics found in most leases. A “no” answer is a red flag, warning you to take steps to protect yourself and your business.

Downloadable e-Book - Totally Sustainable (no shipping, no waste)
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  47 Formulas Reference Guide

You no longer need to waste your valuable time searching multiple sources to find the important formulas needed to run your building efficiently, calculate the return on your project,  or determine the financial benefits of your product.  This handy guide contains 47 essential formulas – all under one cover. 

Downloadable e-Book - Totally Sustainable (no shipping, no waste)
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A year of work by a group of savvy, commercial real estate professionals has resulted in the Model Green Lease. This document brings the green building movement to the economic center of commercial real estate – the agreement between landlord and tenant.
VERSION 1: Model Green Lease Download
Totally Sustainable (no shipping, no waste)
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VERSION 2: Model Green Lease CD
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  Webinar  Turning Green Into Gold
  Turning Green Into Gold - The Webinar  

A fact-filled 90-minute webinar that gets right to the bottom line and answers the two basic questions on everybody’s mind:

  • “Does Green Cost More?” 
  • “Are Green Buildings Worth More Money?”
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  Off The Shelf   Click Here to See All Our Books
  Includes books and downloads on Green Leasing, Lease Analysis, Relocation & Green Buildings.
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  Bottom Line-Comparative Lease Analysis Software   Building Operating Costs - Model Lease Addendum    
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